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June 14, 2019


Maui has many excellent fish and chips spots. This is a statement of fact. Whether at high-end restaurants or small shacks, you're bound to find fresh fish, fried perfectly. When putting this list together, we came to the realization that Kihei may be one of the best towns in the world for fish and chips. Four of the five spots we chose have Kihei locations. Though, if you're in Lahaina, you're also in for a treat. Here is our list of favorite fish and chips locations on Maui.

  1. Maui Fish and Chips (Kihei)
    Sprung from the ashes of the once popular Maui fish and chips hot spot Alexander's, Maui Fish and Chips gives you three options for the type of fish to fry and pretty decent fries. They will also grill ahi (along with ono and pacific cod) if you'd prefer your fish a little healthier. In case you're with a non-seafood eater, they combined their fish and chips restaurant with their teriyaki restaurant, giving you a full menu of food options. (Maui Fish and Chips)
  2. Paia Fish Market (Paia, Kihei, Lahaina)
    With three prime locations, Paia Fish Market is an island favorite for fish and chips and seafood. Though slightly more expensive than most casual fish and chips places, the payoff is in the quality of the food. For something different try the fish and chips with the cajun rice instead of fries. (Paia Fish Market)
  3. Eskimo Candy (Kihei)
    The little fish market that could, Eskimo Candy has been a favorite seafood location since 2003. The fish here comes right off the boat. The fish and chips are crisp and fresh. Add a bowl of the chowder for a real treat. Eskimo Candy is not open on weekends and closes at 7:00, so we recommend lunch or early dinner here. (Eskimo Candy)
  4. Down the Hatch (Lahaina)
    We named their Lobster and Crab Stuffed Grilled Cheese the best sandwich on Maui, so when we returned for the fish and chips, we weren't surprised to find that they, too, are excellent. These folks really know their way around the kitchen. We absolutely love their french fries. Using only locally caught fish dipped in a beer batter, this is one fine fish and chips experience. (Down the Hatch)
  5. Coconut's Fish Cafe (Kihei)
    Known more for their fish tacos, Coconut's Fish Cafe, now with two Kihei locations, also serves up a nice plate of fish and chips. The fries are thin and crisp, while the fish fillets taste fresh and are perfectly fried. Coconuts' cole slaw is also really good. Even in their large, new location, the lines can be pretty intense. We recommend arriving before 6:00. (Coconuts Fish Cafe)

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