The Best Donuts on Maui

June 6, 2019


We're talking traditional donuts, not malasadas, OK? We have a different article about our favorite malasadas. For this one, we're talking straight donuts. We love donuts. The round kind with the hole, the long kind, the twisty kind, the filled kind. All kinds! Whether for breakfast or dessert, donuts rule. We pretty much had to flip a coin between number 1 and number 2 on our list. They are both so ono! Here are our five favorite places to get donuts on Maui.

1.) Donut Dynamite (Wailuku)
With fun, exotic flavors, Donut Dynamite is our favorite donut shop on Maui. You want fun flavors? How do Bacon Maple, Oh!Reo Cookie, and Salted Caramel grab you? They also have "local" flavors like Maui Vanilla Bean and Molokai Sweet Potato. And yes, they do make malasadas if you want something truly local to Maui. At $4.00 a piece, the donuts here aren't cheap. But they're quite large and, of course, they taste great. Closed on Sundays, Donut Dynamite is open Monday - Saturday, 7:00 AM - 1 PM. They do run out, so get there early! (Donut Dynamite)

2.) T. Komoda Store and Bakery (Makawao)
If you prefer a more traditional donut than those served at Donut Dynamite, we recommend you take a trip up to Makawao and visit Komoda's. The Long John, a cream-filled, chocolate bar-type donut is our favorite. But the donut-on-a-stick, a twisty-glazed-type donut is a close second. Komoda's is also famous for its cream puffs and, especially, their coco puffs, a chocolate cream filled puff. Open from 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM on Saturday, you need to get there by 9:00 for a decent selection. They tend to sell out of their pastries by mid-morning. To learn more about this Maui institution, we wrote a piece on a Brief History of T. Komoda Store and Bakery. (T. Komoda Store and Bakery)

3.) Krispy Kreme (Kahului)
When you fly into Maui, pretty much the first thing you see when exiting the airport is Krispy Kreme. Being the only location in Hawaii, it's a popular stop for residents of other islands. Say what you will about Krispy Kreme, but you can't deny the simple glazed donut is one the finest donuts ever created. One bite and it just melts in your mouth. The other donuts they serve are fine, but oh that glazed. We have no problem putting down two or three while waiting dutifully in the cell phone lot to pick up family and friends from the airport. (Krispy Kreme)

4.) The Bakery (Lahaina)
Don't feel silly if you're parked right in front of The Bakery and feel like you can't find it. It's a small, dingy looking shop in an industrialized part of Lahaina. The door is usually cracked open and even when you're standing on the doorstep, you're still not sure if it's the right place. Once you step inside, you'll smell the fresh breads and pastries. Well known for having the best malasadas in Lahaina, they also make large, satisfying donuts. If they have the lemon glazed donut when you visit, don't hesitate to buy one! Closed on Sundays, they're open the rest of the week from 5 AM - 11:30 AM. (The Bakery)

5.) Home Maid Bakery (Wailuku)
Opening on Maui in 1960, Home Maid Bakery is another local institution. When locals think of Home Maid, their thoughts go to the many varieties of the crispy manju and silky mochi. They also think about fresh, warm malasadas. But Home Maid also makes delicious donuts. The chocolate donuts are really good, but thensugar donuts are even better. The Long Johns are also spot on. Home Maid Bakery is open seven days a week from 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM. (Home Maid Bakery)

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