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September 6, 2017

Hawaii is the only state in the country that commercially grows coffee. As a result, we have actual, locally sourced coffee around these parts. Most of the coffee goes for drinking, but it sure makes for some good ice creams and gelatos. Here are our favorites...

  1. Lappert's (Wailea and various establishments)
    Lappert's brews their own coffee and makes their ice cream daily in small batches. Combining the two, they've created the perfect Kona coffee ice cream. This flavor is then used as a base for their Kona Java Lava ice cream, which mixes in a chocolate sorbet. Our favorite locally made coffee ice cream, though, is Lappert's Kauai Pie, which mixes chocolate fudge, mac nuts, coconut flakes and vanilla cake crisps into their Kona coffee ice cream. Lappert's has an outlet in the Shops at Wailea, where you can also order their freshly roasted and brewed coffee and baked goods. Lappert's is also served at many ice cream establishments around the island. (Lappert's)
  2. Island Cream Co. (Lahaina)
    Marketing what they call Island Creams, Island Cream Co. says their product is neither ice cream nor gelato. All we know is that it's really good. It combines the harder texture of ice cream, with the creaminess of gelato. Island Cream Co. makes their Island Creams by hand daily, using fresh, local (when available) ingredients. If you need a coffee hit, we recommend the Coffee Crunch, a coffee ice cream with little flakes of chocolate and crushed biscotti. (Island Cream Co.)
  3. Paia Gelato (Paia)
    On a recommendation, we recently made the trip out to Paia solely to try the coffee gelato with chocolate chips. We're so glad we did. Smooth and creamy, it's really all you can ask for in a gelato. Located in the heart of Paia, it's easily walkable from wherever you just ate lunch or dinner. At the same time, Paia Gelato has a nice assortment of sandwiches and salads if you prefer to just eat in the shop. Pro tip: Paia Gelato offers some pretty amazing kama'aina rates for you locals.
  4. Hawaii Gelato (Lahaina)
    Hawaii Gelato started making their gelatos in 2007, servicing hotels and resorts. In 2012, they opened their current shop on Front Street in Lahaina to sell gelato directly to the public. They make their gelato by hand daily in Lahaina. The Kona Mud Pie flavor is not overly sweet and smooth as butter. The dairy-free sorbettos are also really good and recommended for anyone looking for a slightly lighter fare. (Hawaii Gelato)
  5. Roselani (everywhere)
    Roselani ice creams can be found in all the major grocery stores in Hawaii and most of the smaller ones. It's also served in dessert shops all over Maui. The Fresh Brewed Koffee flavor, an Island favorite, is also used as the base for the Kona Mud Pie ice cream. Compared to the other coffee ice creams on this list, it doesn't have the marketing bells and whistles, but it's always a solid choice. If you have a large group, buying a tub from the grocery store will save you ton of money. (Roselani)

Now that you've seen our list of favorite coffee ice creams and gelatos on Maui, tell us where you like to go in the comments below or by hitting us up on Twitter: @HIOceanProject and Instagram: @hawaiioceanproject.

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