10 Reasons We're Thankful to Live on Maui

November 21, 2018

This list could've run on for pages and pages. But on this extended holiday weekend, we'll settle for our top 10 reasons to be thankful for living on Maui. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. The people-- People come from all over the world to live on and visit Maui. Most of the people here are chill, friendly and happy. Quick with help and joyous smiles, we've never a been around a happier lot of people anywhere in the world.
  2. The weather-- It never really gets too hot or too cold. When it does get too hot, the trade winds come in to save the day. Even the rain here is pretty when it forms delightful rainbows.
  3. The ocean-- No matter where you are, you're just a short car ride away from the majestic Pacific Ocean. Our oceans are filled with beautiful fish and sealife. From bright yellow tangs to green sea turtles to large rays, snorkeling in our oceans, no matter how often you go, promises something new to see and experience. Of course, Maui's ocean provides a wonderful playground for those who like to spend their time above the water, as well. With world-class surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding, whatever object you ride in our oceans, you're guaranteed to be satisfied.
  4. The beaches-- This goes hand-in-hand with the ocean. Our beaches are clean, pristine and offer various types of terrain, from white sandy beaches to black lava beaches to red sand beaches, we have it all. Tidepools formed on beaches are excellent places to teach children about ocean ecosystems. And of course, there are few things more relaxing than reading the book under an umbrella at the beach.
  5. The food-- Whether you prefer a cheap, plate lunch or a 5-star meal prepared by the finest chefs in the country, Maui has food for everyone. Hawaii's favorite dish, poke, may have gone national, but the best poke on the planet can still be found here on Maui. Other regional specialties, like malasadas, loco moco, chow fun and shave ice are always available and always delicious.
  6. The sunsets-- Every night nature puts on a show that produces some of the most breathtaking images you'll ever see. Even locals who have spent their entire lives here gaze in awe at the beauty of our sunsets. Whether they're golden, pink or fiery red, the sunsets never disappoint on Maui.
  7. The hiking-- Whether you're on a half-mile trail connecting two beaches along the coast or 10,000 feet up above the clouds surrounding Haleakala, the hiking on Maui is extraordinary. Rainforest hikes take you through wet terrains to waterfalls and rivers, while ridge hikes take you to points with amazing views of the ocean, valleys and everything in between.
  8. The waterfalls-- From the 400 foot Waimuku Falls to smaller waterfalls hidden throughout the island, Maui is an Instagrammers dream. The Road to Hana itself has at least 12 waterfalls either located right off the road or a short hike away. Twin Falls and the Waihee Ridge Trail hike offer excellent waterfall views, as well.
  9. The artisan spirit-- Living on an island, we often have to make do with what's on hand. Sure farm-to-table is a burgeoning movement on the mainland, but here on Maui, it's a way of life. The upcountry farms produce some of the finest livestock, fruits and vegetables you'll find anywhere in the world. Beyond food, the artisan culture of Maui creates everything from sunblock to pickles to handcrafted chocolate with cacao grown right here on Maui.
  10. The history-- The Hawaiian Islands have a unique history, language and culture. It's a history to be proud of and embraced.

We love living on Maui. No, it's not always the paradise portrayed on postcards, but it's home. We're proud to live here, and we're proud and thankful we get to share our island with visitors from around the world. Mahalo!

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