10 Reasons We Love Living in Hawai'i

August 8, 2017

The #luckywelivehawaii hashtag exists for a reason. Whether you live in Hawaii or are just visiting, here are 10 reasons happiness happens in Hawaii.

  1. The weather-- It never really gets too hot or too cold. When it does get too hot, the trade winds come in to save the day.
  2. The ocean-- No matter where you are, you're just a short car ride away from the majestic Pacific Ocean.
  3. The beaches-- This goes hand-in-hand with the ocean. Our beaches are clean, pristine and offer various types of terrain, from white sandy beaches to black lava beaches to red sand beaches, we have it all.
  4. The food-- Poke, malasadas, loco moco, chow fun, shave ice. OK, our food may not be the most healthy, but it sure is ono (tasty.)
  5. The sunsets-- Every night nature puts on a show that produces some of the most beautiful images you'll ever see. Even locals who have spent their entire lives here gaze in awe at the sunsets.
  6. The rainbows-- Yes, rainbows happen. A lot. And like the sunsets, we never get tired of them.
  7. The turtles-- Our ocean has an abundance of turtles. On some beaches, there are more turtles than humans. And we love every one of them.
  8. The hiking-- Look around you. Somewhere in your field of vision is probably a place to hike. Whether you're seeking waterfalls (another thing to be grateful about,) windmills, or once-in-a-lifetime views, great hiking is available near you.
  9. The history-- The Hawaiian Islands have a unique history and culture. It's a history to be proud of and embraced.
  10. The people-- People come from all over the world to live in and visit Hawaii. Most of the people here are chill, friendly and happy. Maybe that's because of the first nine items on this list!

What is it about Hawai'i that makes you happy? Leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter @HIOceanProject and Instagram @hawaiioceanproject

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