10 Reasons to Take a Spectacular Snorkel Cruise to Lanai

October 2, 2018

Snorkeling on Maui is great. Whether it’s from a boat or from the beach, there are numerous places here to see fish, turtles, rays and even sharks (the good kind that don’t bite!) If you’re looking for great places to snorkel, check out our article "Best Places to Snorkel on Maui".

But for this article, we’re going to focus on why snorkeling from a boat on our Lanai Snorkel and Dolphin Tour is so much fun and the highlight of every vacation to Maui. There are definite advantages to snorkeling from a boat. But before we get into it, we should point out some of the reasons you may just want to snorkel from the beach. First, if you’re staying near the beach, it’s easy to simply enter the water with your gear and start snorkeling. Another good thing about snorkeling from the beach is that it’s free... if you don’t need to rent gear. Finally, by snorkeling from the beach, you’re on your own time schedule. Of course, if you do go on our Lanai snorkel tour and you get bitten by the snorkel bug, you can rent gear and snorkel from shore during the rest of your vacation!

OK, those are three good reasons to snorkel from shore. Here are 10 reasons why snorkeling from our 70-foot, double-deck catamaran, the Kaulana of Maui, is even better than snorkeling from the beach.

1.) When you head out on our chartered snorkel tour, you will be outfitted with all the gear: mask, snorkel, fins, floaty-device (if needed) and you will receive professional training, again, if needed. We also have wet suits available for rent if you get cold in the ocean. Safety is our first priority. While you’re in the water, know that you’re being watched by multiple sets of eyes. If we see you drifting into "danger" zones, we'll turn you around.

2.) Once on the boat headed to Lanai, it’s not unusual, in fact it’s probable, that you will see dolphins! Dolphins are rarely (if ever) spotted from shore. You will not snorkel with the dolphins (we are an eco-minded company that doesn't believe human interaction is healthy for dolphins), but they often swim right up to the boat and they love to frolic in the wake. Spinner dolphins are among the most athletic mammals alive and watching then leap is a true treasure. (To learn more about them, check out our 10 Fun Facts about Spinner Dolphins article). During whale season, heading out on a snorkel excursion is often like a whale watch tour, with the added bonus of meals and snorkeling!

3.) Our boat captains, with their years of experience, will take you to two locations. The chosen locations are based on daily conditions, so we don’t know where we’re going until we survey the ocean. In this way, you'll be assured of always snorkeling in the best conditions.

4.) You will not only learn about the snorkel locations, our boat captains and crew will also tell you about the surrounding area and point out cool sites like “Shark Rock” and “Sweetheart Rock” (pictured above) off of the island of Lanai.

5.) From a boat, because you are entering the ocean to snorkel at a deeper point, the water is far more clear than near the shore. One big cause of the cloudy sediment near the shore is the waves lapping the sand. Maui's strong winds also stir up the sand near the shore. In deeper waters, this is rarely an issue. One of the biggest reasons for cloudy water is actually snorkelers themselves kicking up sediment while swimming. Because the water where we take you is deeper, this usually isn't a problem.

6.) A different variety of fish can be seen when you’re further off-shore. Plus, the further away from shore, the bigger the fish tend to be.

7.) If someone in your group is not able or willing to go into the water, they are still welcome to ride on the boat. Nor are riders expected to snorkel at both locations. For some people, 30 to 60 minutes in the water is enough. But just experiencing Maui’s oceans by boat is always a vacation highlight.

8.) Dehydration while snorkeling can be an issue. But with unlimited water, soda and juice available for the entire trip, you will never need to fear dehydration. We also serve a continental breakfast featuring fresh fruit, muffins, danish and more. For lunch we fire up the barbecue on the back of the boat and prepare, burgers, veggie burgers, grilled chicken, hot dogs, salad and cookies. You can also snack on chips throughout the duration of the tour.

9.) While most people like to ride on the upper deck, we also have a below deck area to escape the sun.

10.) Water slide! Once we’re anchored for snorkeling, if you prefer a little more action, try our slide. It’s about a 20 foot drop from the top of the slide to the water. Some people, especially kids, will ride the slide over and over.

Those are 10 reasons why we think you should book a snorkel tour with us.

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