52-Hertz: The Loneliest Whale in the World

Imagine living your life trying to find someone who speaks your language but for decades finding no one to communicate with; this is the life that 52-Hertz lives. 52-Hertz, named for the unconventional frequency of his voice, has spent his life thus far calling out to other whales with the hope of receiving a reply, but his calls continue to go unanswered. It is thought that he is a cross between a blue whale and a fin whale, causing his call to be at a higher frequency than other whales leaving them unable to understand him.

52’s story has been gaining traction on the internet for years, and it was our very own Program Director, Amy Fonarow, that brought this story to our attention so that we could share it with you! The most recent news regarding 52 is that his story caught the eye of well known actor Adrien Grenier. Grenier is teaming up with friends from the film industry in an effort to bring 52’s story to the big screen, which they are trying to bring to fruition by using popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. While the film will focus on the science of 52’s loneliness, the director of the film, Josh Zeman, expects that people will relate to 52 on a more basic level; the empathy of a shared existential crisis – dying alone.

We hope that his story will continue to spread until such a time that his voice is heard. Mahalo to everyone who took the time to read this – we hope 52’s story touched your heart as much as it did ours.

The History of Hawaii Ocean Project

Many visitors participate in some sort of boat tour while on their Maui vacation.  When searching for a boat tour company, what things do you look for?  Most visitors decide based on price, location, and/or reviews.  What about the company history? By learning more about a company’s history you can gain some excellent insight into the value offered to our guests.

Below are some interesting facts about Hawaii Ocean Project’s 30 year history on Maui:

  • Captain Dave – Hawaii Ocean Project’s President and Senior Captain – has been cruising Maui waters since 1970, sharing his seaworthy knowledge and contributing to the growth and success of HOP.
  • Hawaii Ocean Project is known for our eco-friendly vessels and ecological research projects.
  • Direct Research is supported by voluntary donations for genuine research.  With no director salaries or administrative fees, HOP is able to ensure that all funds collected and gift shop profits will go to direct research.
  • Among the numerous boat tours offered, we also operate the only interisland ferry, commuting to and from Moloka’i.
  • By educating our visitors and island community, HOP displays commitment to keeping our surrounding waters safe and healthy for the marine life.

To find out about more ways to support genuine research or to book a boat tour during your Maui vacation, contact HOP today!